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Just 100 of the answers you can dig
from The Florida Public Records Handbook

The handbook is the “how-to-find-it-myself” guide to discovering answers to these and many other questions in Florida. Start turning your questions into answers today!

How can I find out the track record of my doctor? (Page 194)

Where can I learn if I have unclaimed money from the state? (Page 185)

Is a sexual predator or offender living near my child’s bus stop?(Page 341)

How can I check a job candidate’s criminal background online? (Page 101)

Who is behind that fictitious business name? (Page 141)

How much did my new neighbor pay for that house down the street? (Page 322)

How do I find out if my new date has been married elsewhere in Florida? (Page 279)

How can I determine how much money a business competitor received from my city last year? (Page 72)

What is a public record in Florida? (Page 1)

Who has to provide access to state and local public records in Florida? (Page 8)

How safe is that bridge I drive on every day? (Page 52)

Where can I obtain a driving record for my child’s bus driver? (Page 134)

How do I track bills in the state Legislature? (Page 216)

How did my child’s day care center do on its last state inspection? (Page 76)

When must I identify myself in requesting public records? (Page 9)

What fees can an agency charge me for inspecting and copying public records? (Page 10)

How much money is the mayor worth? (Page 121)

What’s the dropout rate at our local high schools? (Page 177)

Has my dentist been involved in a malpractice settlement? (Page 317)

Where can I learn about disciplinary actions against lawyers? (259)

Where does the state get its money? (Page 234)

Must I identify myself when I ask for a public record in Florida? (Page 9)

Who regulates private investigators in Florida? (Page 167)

How do I find out how the state court system works? (Page 231)

Where can I find the phone number of a specific state employee? (Page 295)

Can I see from my computer who is in state prison and for what crimes? (Page 347)

Should I believe everything I read in a divorce file? (Page 130)

How can I find out the driving record of my child’s bus driver? (Page 134)

What happens when someone is arrested in Florida? (Page 103)

What can an alcoholic beverage license file tell me about a business? (Page 14)

Where can I go online to find out who is leasing or managing state lands? * (Page 222)

Where can I go online to download old pictures of Florida places and people? (Page 218)

How can I catch live Florida Supreme Court sessions on my home computer? (Page 231)

How can I find out the Top 10 principal diagnoses for patients discharged from Florida hospitals? (Page 214)

Where can I see pictures of Florida’s most wanted fugitives? (Page 215)

How can I find out about how much land the government owns in my county? (Page 222)

Where can I find the status of my water company’s state request to raise my rates? (Page 224)

How many babies were born in my county last year? (Page 235)

How can I learn if a property is in foreclosure? (Page 237)

What’s the background of that new appointee by the governor? (Page 245)

How do I find out who represents me in the state Legislature? (Page 216)

How much money will my county get next year from the local option sales tax? (Page 274)

Are the rooms in the local hotel passing state health inspections? (Page 276)

How can I learn if my favorite restaurant has had state health violations?(Page 334)

Am I entitled to read my city council member’s mail? (Page 278)

What is a comprehensive land use plan and why does it matter? (Page 90)

What’s the best way to find information online about Florida state government? (Page 295)

What were the property taxes last year for that big house on the cul-de-sac? (Page 326)

Which lobbyists represent my state university? (Page 271)

Who keeps the records on contested property tax assessments? (Page 327)

How can I find out which properties the state is leasing nearby and who is getting paid for it? (Page 344)

Is that trademark registered with the state? (Page 352)

How much did my county commissioner spend on her taxpayer-sponsored trip last month? (Page 360)

Who gave money to the governor’s campaign from my zip code? (Page 60)

How can I find out if my gun-toting in-laws have a concealed weapons license? (Page 93)

How can I determine a property’s sales price? (Page 114)

What can a Florida Lottery licensing reveal about the owners of a business? (Page 277)

How much money did local political candidates spend on the election? (Page 60)

Is that charity seeking my money licensed and in good standing with the state? (Page 68)

Under what circumstances do developers have to obtain permits from the area water management district? (Page 375)

Why is a marriage license such a useful document for researching people? (Page 279)

How can I find out who owns the title to a boat in Florida? (Page 40)

What kind of information is available from a search warrant? (Page 340)

How can I find out traffic counts on state roads? (Page 353)

How does Florida rate statistically in population, jobs, etc., with other states? (Page 367)

Why are Florida Department of Environmental Protection permits important sources of information about developers and their projects? (Page 179)

Is it true that I can look at voter registration records but I can’t write down the information while in the office? (Page 372)

How can I obtain motor vehicle driving and registration records on Florida drivers? (Page 134)

What can I find out about a hospital’s finances? (Pages 248, 249)

Why read the legal advertisements in newspapers? (Page 260)

How can fishing and hunting licenses help me find long-lost friends in Florida? (Page 152)

What am I entitled to see in government employee personnel files? (Page 239)

What if an agency refuses to provide public records? (Page 11)

How can I learn when and where someone died in Florida? (Page 109)

How can I quickly find state and local government phone numbers online? (Page 295)

How do I find a fire safety inspection report on a state building? (Page 151)

Where is the state performing bridge and road construction? (Page 202)

Where would can I find federal tax liens filed against people and businesses? (Page 268)

What happens if a licensed professional contests disciplinary action against the state? (Page 143)

How can I find out how much damage was done to a structure from a fire? (Page 148)

How do I locate a will or other documents in a probate case file? (Page 316)

Why are uniform commercial code statements valuable for researching people and businesses? (Page 364)

Where can I find a list of health-related databases from state agencies? (Page 214)

How do I look up a mortgage? (Page 287)

Where are the accidents the Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating? (Page 359)

What types of information isn’t public on police reports? (Page 4)

Where can I find overview information on state agencies and how effectively they are spending my tax money? (Page 212)

What are the potential penalties for public officials who wrongfully deny my public records request? (Page 11)

Where can I find online links to all state courts with Web pages? (Page 232)

How many teachers at my child’s school have master’s degrees? (Page 177)

Where can I obtain a state audit online for my local school district? (Page 162)

What’s the toll-free telephone number for checking on the status of nursing home violations? (Page 297)

When is the next hearing about my sewer rates before the Florida Public Service Commission? (Page 223)

Has the State Attorney General’s Office filed suit against a business for fishy business practices? (Page 160)

Where can I find out if a public official has been punished for violating state ethics laws? (Page 166)

Which state agency regulates nursing homes and health facilities in general? (Page 297)

Does my favorite restaurant have a clean health inspections record with the state? (Page 334)

Where can I get agendas on upcoming public meetings? (Page 13)

What kind of annual financial reports can I expect to find at my local government? (Page 19)

When do arrest warrants become public? (Page 28)

How safe is the bridge I rely upon every day? (Page 52)


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